Apartments (G9)

Apartments (G9)

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Architectural bureau Baraban Plus

Our Systems

Home Automation and Control Systems, Climate Control, Multimedia Systems , Security Systems, Home Audio Systems.

The current project system integrates all multimedia and engineering solutions in the apartment. Moreover, it includes control of subsystems for lighting control, electric shades, complex climate control (fan coils, radiators, warm floor, conditioning, forced ventilation), home theater, video multi-room, audio multi-room, video door phone, security video recording, fire and security alarm and engineering alarm.

The complete integration has significantly improved owners’ comfort living and ensured easy control of all home equipment.

Installed Systems

Home Automation

Hardware Control

Climate Control

Home Audio

Security Systems

Technical solutions

Elan G! HC6 is the key visualization and user interface controller in this system. It is integrated to the KNX bus via Tapko gateway. Loxone Miniserver is used as the climate controller that is integrated with the relay and multifunctional extension modules via LOXONE BUS. The relay modules control heating manifold valves. In addition two 1-Wire BUS with total 30 inwall and infloor temperature sensors are integrated to LOXONE climate control system.

Likewise there is a room humidity detector in main zone connected to the LOXONE Miniserver via 0-10 V input. In addition the LOXONE BUS is used for integration of LOXONE Extension that controls the forced ventilation facility with moistening.

An interesting solution was offered to integrate the analogue door phone into the system. Commax was used as the base station, with “under-the-hood” being dismantled except viewing camera and button.

The second microphone with enhanced definition and microphone amplifier were installed. The amp’s output was connected to a M86A multi-room input, the call button output was connected to a dry contacts input of the HC6 controller. The viewing camera was integrated with the ElanTS7 panel, while a multi-room line output was connected to the home phone speaker’s amplifier.

Thereby, pressing home phone call button will open the page on panel TS7 with video cameras displayed and 5 scenarios available: switch on microphone and camera, play 3 audio tracks with recorded standard phrase via home phone speaker. When the microphone is switched on the sound is transferred to the multi-room speakers in the corridor.

It is very convenient and atypical solution – any family member may answer the doorbell ringing without revealing his/her presence.


The project is very interesting for us, since we gained experience in the domain of comprehensive integration and solution of atypical tasks.

The apartment is decorated with many plants, therefore we implemented the automatic curtains opening system scenario for the cases when the owners are absent, as well as the automatic humidity condition system in premises, since the wooden d?cor that prevails in the interior gets dry at a low humidity.

Moreover, the customers are frequently absent in the apartment, therefore the remote control and monitoring of the engineering systems (leakage, humidity level power supply) were of utmost importance.


Obviously, the implementation of the project helped the owners to feel by far safer and more comfortable both inside and outside the home.

As a result, the client got a new level of sustainable living.

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