Restaurant “Syto-Pyano Italiano”

Restaurant “Syto-Pyano Italiano”

Project Description

The Italian restaurant "Syto-Pyano Italiano" (Kyiv), Project Design


Our Systems

Video commutation, audio commutation, Security systems, video surveillance, Wi-Fi


For the Italian restaurant “Syto-Pyano-Italiano” needed to develop the multi-zone sound system project that allowed to control and select the sound source for any venue zone, as well as multi-zone video switching system with selection of the appropriate signal source.

Moreover, the restaurant needed the movable karaoke rack, so the Home Systems engineers developed an option for connectivity to the sound and video systems in both premises of the restaurant. To provide control over the total system one needed to write the iPad application, whereby the management and personnel could adjust the system via both the wall panels and iPad applications from any place in the restaurant.

The client also expressed the wish to install the seamless Wi-Fi network throughout the venue.

Consequently it was necessary to implement the project related to the installation and integration of the venue video surveillance system as well as access control system (ACS) in the engineering and utility services rooms.

The individual assignment covered the design of the audio and video switching for the VIP room independent zone and its integration with the general sound system of the restaurant.

Installed Systems

The Internet and Wi-Fi

Home Audio

Video and Multimedia

Security Systems


To fulfill all assigned tasks the engineers had to possess deep knowledge of technological basis both during the design phase and at the integration stage of all above mentioned system elements. The significant budget limitation was a part of the project discussion too. In other words, it was necessary to implement an ambitious and large-scale project spending minimum financial resources that result in a simple and reliable solution to be utilized by the management or personnel without help from the technicians’ side.

Technical Solutions

The project was implemented under the Audac systems with 8×8 digital Audio Matrix, wall panels and individual 100 V power amplifiers. Video system was installed around the Kramer matrix video switcher. During the implementation process the choice from 5 sound sources (iPad, Dune media player, Blue-Ray player and integration with the individual VIP-hall zone) was taken into consideration. The ProLink control system was used as part of the project.

The project looked like a multi room solution but oriented on the restaurant. At the end the venue received a high-tech audio and video switching system. It is worth mentioning that the project solutions to some extend were taken from the previous project – “Syto-Pyano” gastronomical restaurant (with a glance to more complicated tasks and improvement of offered solutions).


Consequently the Home Systems engineers successfully performed the project work, including all assigned tasks. Installation works (at the customer’s option) were carried out by another contractor. Should the project be correctly implemented, the personnel could control the audio and video switching system independently without calling the technicians.

The application allowed them to adjust sound and picture without binding to the wall panels, while the reliable Wi-Fi coverage would help them to control equipment from any spot of the venue.

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