Private house (BR-1)

Private house (BR-1)

Project Description

Private house (Kyivska obl)


Our Systems

Climate Control, HVAC Systems, Hardware Control


The Home Systems engineers faced the task to launch the boiler room in the automatic mode with the extensive dispatching system and an option to select the priority source of heat generation. Several sources of heat were available in the room: Viessmann gas-fired boiler, Tronic electric boiling pan, VRV Dakin system heat pump and Daikin Altherma solar drain back tank. All sources had to be integrated into a single system, in addition to providing the remote monitoring and dispatching of general house heating system.

Likewise the boiler room had to be equipped with the leakage control system and its status should be displayed at the check point. We would like to stress that Home Systems was the third and final contractor, the previous companies failed to fulfill all assignments and meet challenges.

Installed Systems

HVAC systems

Hardware Control

Climate Control


• The first challenge for engineers was to integrate the heat equipment obtained from absolutely different manufacturers. Moreover, the installed solar collectors were delivered to Ukraine for the first time, and actually their installation was a pilot project. Neither previous contractors, nor Home Systems engineers had any experience in how to install and integrate them into the home automation system. However our team members proved that the task was well within their range.
• Other challenges were related to the budget limitations and extremely tight deadlines. The project was launched at the beginning of the heating season, therefore the heating system had to be put into operation as soon as possible. The engineers managed to succeed.
• In addition, the engineers faced the significant changes in the project as the work advanced. They had to abandon the initially developed system architecture logic and promptly offered a new one. So without losing the solution quality the Home System engineers helped the customer to stay within the offered budget.

Technical Solution

The engineers implemented the integrated heating system around the Loxone Miniserver.

The project was implemented in three stages – during the first week the engineers launched the system in the manual-automatic mode with selection of the priority source of heating, which allowed them to provide the house with heat. At the second stage the Home Systems technicians ensured the remote monitoring and dispatching of the system and at the third stage they wrote a special control application for tablet and smartphone (that was rejected by the customer later due to reasons beyond our control).


For the first time the heating system started in the full automated mode, the engineers adjusted the dispatched system that monitors all system components – boilers, pumps, collectors, etc. (“Running”, “Standby”, “Breakdown” status).

The information about possible bugs is sent on timely basis to the technicians, so the engineers could obtain the data about the reasons and sources of the faults prior to the client, which simplifies and hastens the process of bugs’ removal. The house owners could carry out the remote monitoring of all boiler house parameters: delivery temperature, reverse supply and other effectiveness indicators per heating source. The priority heating source is selected given the operating efficiency (for example, when the collector provides insufficient amount of power, one of the boilers is switched on), or economic indexes (gas-fired boiler or electric boiling pan).

Consequently, one of the customer’s key goals – to save the energy resources – was reached.

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