Private house (DMV)

Private house (DMV)

Project Description

Private house


JMW Architekci

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Smart house full systems

We faced two tasks – to implement the lighting scheme ‘as easy as hotel room’ and consider entirely the three “L” (Love, Life, Liberty) concept of the house which means Love, Life and Liberty. That was one of the key requirements.

Given all three components we developed our project that covered the separation of the house into the lighting zones and adjustment of the individual lighting schemes.

Installed Systems

HVAC systems

Home Automation

Light Control

Climate Control


We implemented the lighting and climate control systems in this project. The first one covered the lighting groups and window shades drive control, while the second one included the automatic individual-room-temperature adjustment. Everything is controlled by iPhone via LOXONE application and simple snow white Berker wall panels.

The lighting is integrated with the heating control system and forms an integral system that generates the comfortable atmosphere and provides the easy climate control in house.

The control system is based on the KNX bus, LOXONE Miniserver ensures visualization and scenario processing.

Lighting Scheme

The living room, dining room, kitchen and barbecue area next to the swimming pool became the key zones. The total control is undertaken via wall plates or Loxone application. Party Mode is one of the key lighting scenes. All lighting groups on the street, in the corridor at the entrance to the house and garage are turned on.

The window shades in the living room and curtain laces on the entrance door to the backyard are opened.

Lounge mode. All curtain laces in the living room and kitchen are closed, corridor groups are 30% dimmed, LED backlight all-around the room is turned on.

Arrive mode. Corridor and kitchen lighting groups are turned on to unload the food stuff.

Sustainable solutions

Sustainability and energy efficiency issue was also considered within the project frame. For the starters, this area is topical for the private houses and apartments at the current moment. Secondly, the effective energy utilization was among the requirements of the house owner who is adherent to the design maximal functionality.

We developed the scheme that switched on the street lighting in accordance with the lighting sensor and turned off as scheduled by the LOXONE application.

Night lighting system in the corridor is switched on after the sundown and switched off at daybreak. All window shades similar to lighting system get closed after the sundown and get opened according to the schedule performing the function of the alarm clock. All mentioned scenarios operate when the Away global mode is not activated.

Design your Smart House!

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