Project Design

Broad experience at architecting the systems of diverse complexity enables us to carry out the projects within tight deadlines and tailored to the individual wishes of every customer.
  • Individual solutions
  • User-friendly control
  • Mutual integration
  • Expanding possibilities

Professional Installation

Exceeding industry standards installations are made by qualified engineers and supervised by project engineer on every stage.
  • Compliance with the installation standards and norms
  • Certified experts
  • Double quality control
  • Installation systems warranty
  • Detailed instruction of users

Quality Service

We provide warranty-period service, scheduled system audit and comprehensive information support. All services are made by professionals. Customer Satisfaction is our Priority!
  • Free warranty service
  • High-quality and prompt service
  • Regular audit of the maintenance systems
  • 24/7 information support

Design your Smart House!

It`s not just smart, it`s perfect! Do you want to make home automation system in one room or in full house? Use our configurer for simple and exact design.