Контроль за домом в ваших руках

The House Control is in Your Hands

The outdoor surveillance system will take care of you feeling comfortable and peaceful both inside and outside your house. The special application uploaded on your smartphone will help you to control the water temperature in your pool, automate lawn sprinkling given the weather conditions and regulate any other system located outside your house by pressing one button only.

Кто там?

Who Is There?

To see a visitor, control if the child is sleeping, invite the family to the dinner table as well as many other functions can be performed with the help of the video intercom. The beautiful inside and outside call boards will provide you with the opportunity to see the visitor and remotely open the entrance door if necessary.

Безопасный дом — залог спокойствия

The Secure House is the Cornerstone of Tranquility

Wherever you go, you will always have the chance to check what goes on in your house. You will always be notified about the illegal infiltration of your territory, gas or water leakage in the basement or your failure to lock the garage door while leaving to the office. The smart system will take care of you and your dear ones.

На страже порядка

Peace and Security Watch

Check the status of your house, focusing total control in your hands. Receive text messages on your mobile phone in case something goes wrong, e.g. there is a gas or water leakage in the basement or you forgot to lock the garage door. Every time you leave the house simply press “Outside” button to activate the security system, turn on the cameras and lock every door. With the help of “Home Presence Effect” button you can make yourself safe against illegal infiltration.

Защита дома в ваших руках

Your Home Protection is in Your Hands

Control your house everywhere and every time with the help of the closed circuit television (CCTV) or video control systems. You can browse on-line the security cameras on your smartphone display placing “command center” in your hands no matter where you are.

Дверные замки

Door Locks

The smart locks refer to the virtual keys to the house. You can assign the personal entrance code to your kids and receive notifications about the time when they return home. Moreover than not, you can provide your visitors with the temporary codes that will help them to enter the particular premise on a pre-scaduled day and at a defined time. Open the door remotely with the help of smartphone when your friend or service provide arrive.

Индивидуальный набор интеллектуальных систем теперь легко
просчитать самостоятельно!

Перейти к конфигуратору

Smart House Systems

Home Automation

Light Control

Hardware Control

Home Automation and Control Systems

The Smart House automation system is a single system that controls all electric components and devices in your house, office or restaurant. Staying in any part of the world with internet at your disposal, you can easily control light, alarm, heating, air conditioning systems with any gadgets – PC/Mac, iPad or iPhone. And it is only a short list of capabilities that could be offered by the Home Systems. We develop custom-made solutions to ensure your highest possible comfort, tranquility and save time.

Light and electric power control

Many switches in your house are both interior spoilers and absolutely unpractical because they cover a lot of space. The Home Systems offers you a stylish and functional option - light control system by which you could develop light scenarios that are comfortable for your tempo of life and control all light sources at home via the stylish wall plate or mobile device. The light control system will emphasize the stylish design of your dwelling and create a comfortable atmosphere 24 hours a day.

Engineering equipment and Building Management System control

The Building Management System, the first and foremost, refers to your security, because locally and remotely it will help you to control the operational parameters of the engineering equipment located in your house. One of the key advantages of the system is providing you and service providers with the timely notification about the gas, water leakage as well as hotbed of fire or other alarm conditions that could damage your property detected in your house. Timely detection of the equipment critical behavior will extend the operation life of your gear and save you from the unplanned financial expenses. Registration archive of your sensors, parameters and operation conditions of your engineering equipment will afford you to identify the reason and time of the trouble.

Climate Control

The Internet and Wi-Fi

Home Audio

Climate Control and Energy Saving Systems

Installation of the up-to-date climate control system will allow you to cut down the utilized energy resources, save significant amount of financial means and acquire desirable micro climate in every premise of your house regardless the season of the year, whether it is severe winter or hot summer. Combining 3 systems of utmost importance, it can successfully coordinate their operation without any interference from your side. Based on your preferences, the smart house will pick up the optimal list of instructions (individual scenario) for your comfortable stay. Home Systems is a new level of comfort that is available for you today.

Internet and Wi-Fi

Living in the current-day world is hardly possible without Internet. Contacts and negotiations with clients or suppliers, solving issues via the Skype, interacting with close friends and relatives… During your business hours you resolve a lot of stuff remotely with the help of your PC/Mac, iPhone or iPad. However sometimes the roaming in your house or office starts glitching and the signal becomes weak in separate rooms or totally disappears. Home Systems offers you seamless networks via which you can get the permanent uninterrupted access to the Internet. This roaming mechanism will significantly cut down the data transfer losses and ensure the stability and no interruption of high loads as well as no wasting of your time.

Home Audio Systems

Imagine, you enter the corridor, slowly cross the living room, enter the kitchen or bedroom and all the time you are followed by your favorite music wherever you stay. It is a great pleasure for audiophiles and people who know how to revel in every moment of their lives. The Home Audio System from Home Systems provides you with the opportunity to control your music library or stream audio from your beloved internet site with the help of stylish wall plate or remotely from iPad or smart phone. Thanks to this system you can enjoy the sound of your favorite melodies in high resolution quality wherever you go.

Video and Multimedia


Hi-End Stereo Systems

Home Video and Multimedia Systems

By means of home video and multimedia systems provided by Home Systems you will get the quick access to the complete musical library with your favorite tracks or Blu-Ray video collection and can watch any audio/video file on a separate display in your house. Just press the button and you can turn the living room or bedroom into a dedicated home theater that can be controlled with the universal remote, iPad or smart phone, The Smart House System will automatically draw the blinds, turn the lights down and turn on the receiver at the optimal volume level.


As of today, practically every house has two and more TV-sets. Having rest after a hard business day in the living room or making dinner in the kitchen, we often try to catch some news, movies or live show. The integration of the air satellite and IP-Television will help you to collect the individual channel packages for every member of your family. The opportunity to record the TV broadcasts for further viewing at your earliest convenience will be a nice bonus, and by means of the AirPlay function you could easily match your iPad or smart phone with the TV system.

High End Stereo Systems

High End Stereo System is a unique offer for those who sincerely love music and value the exclusive status in everything. The Home Systems will be pleased to create the perfect and pure sound by optimal placement of the loudspeakers in your room and tweaking the system in compliance with your preferences. Moreover we will help you to pick up the top-quality gear with original design that will ideally match the interior of your house, emphasizing the status and superb taste of its owner.

Security Systems

HVAC Systems

Modern Electric Systems

Security Systems

By integration of smart locks, light and motion sensors, watching cameras and monitoring systems you could reach the maximal level of your house and business security. Being in the office, out of town or even on an errand you could view camera video, open entrance locks and perform other operations in the remote mode by using your personal smart phone, Mac or iPad that are connected to the internet. Home Systems offers the complete range of services that cover installation of the security equipment depending on your requirements and wishes providing you with calm and peace of everything that you value most of all.

Ventilation, Conditioning and Heating Systems

Home Systems is pleased to offer you a system that can competently match the conditioning, heating, and ventilation systems in every room, creating different microclimate that comprises with the purpose of the individual premise. This approach will help you to preserve the ideal temperature throughout the house, save financial resources and significantly reduce the amount of energy consumed. We design all our systems in the future-proof mode providing you with the opportunity to integrate them into the Smart House without any problems. Given the user-friendly control you can easily adjust all mentioned above sets in accordance with your life schedule. Smart House will take care of you and your family anytime!

Modern electric installation

The operation of all Smart House systems is focused on ensuring your maximal comfort and security, as well as saving your budget by reduction of the energy consumption in total. Home Systems is pleased to offer electric installation services to guarantee the continuous and trouble-free operation of all power supply systems. In addition to the standard methods that ensure the stable and secure operation, the company has an expertise in designing the individual concepts of alternative (solar batteries, wind power generators) or back-up (inventors and generators) power supply sources that can be applied in case of the unforeseen energy cutoff in your house, office or enterprise.

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